Thursday, August 7, 2008 IS A SCAM

I recently emailed a posted ad in that's looking for Customer Service Agent. The job is basically to post ad and respond to emails.

After a day, I received this reply:

Hello Maria. How would you like to work for me? Right now I'm running a business on Craigslist and I'm having a hard time keeping up with customer emails. My email box is jammed full of emails I can't answer fast enough. I'm losing business(about $600 a day).

But first, let me tell you about our business. We are a resume and recruiting company and help people find jobs in North America. We post jobs on Craigslist's job forums and help people write resumes and we also work with companies in the US and Canada to find employees. We are currently very busy, so we are in need of a customer service agent.

I need you, along with a few other employees, to help me post messages on Craigslist and answer customer questions. Does that sound doable? I'm willing to pay you a good salary + commission if you work hard. If you're interested in my offer, please return my email along with salary requirements. Thanks. Oh and if you know anybody else who would like to have a job with me, please refer them and I might be able to hire them on. Best wishes.

Jennifer Mason, CEO Career Perfect

Of course, thinking I have a good reply there, I forwarded the email to one of my colleagues who Google searched for "Jennifer Mason, Career Expert" and this one pulled up --

This is what he'll actually ask you to do:
I am a recruiter serving companies all over North America and as a result, I receive over 2000 resumes by email each day from prospective candidates for the jobs I need to fill. I need some help replying to all my emails. We offer the candidates a resume revision service which they order directly from my website. The jobs are all real and we will find these people employment.
If you are interested in this work:
First create an email address similar to our business name( I recommend gmail) and put as your outgoing name “Career Perfect” (with a capital C and P) like I have. Your outgoing name should appear as Career Perfect exactly as I’ve typed it. Then using that email account, create an account on Craigslist. (I omitted the other instructional part on posting and emailing)


We pay every Friday by either paypal, certified check mailed to your home, or Western Union. Please let me know how you wish to be paid. If to your home, please provide your full name and address. If to Western Union, please list the address of your preferred Western Union office. If by PayPal, please provide me the email address you used to register your PayPal account.
I am very busy and my time is limited but if you have any questions not covered by this guide, please feel free to ask. The jobs are real, we are not a scam, and are here to provide an excellent and much needed service. You do need thick skin for this work because nowadays people using online services are very skeptical and can get quite “creative” with their language instead of simply saying “No thank you” but it’s best to just ignore this. Time is money and it is not productive that you stop and respond. We have been helping people since 1997. If we were a scam, we would’ve been closed years ago. (??????)
*Whenever you write me, please write me only from your Career Perfect email account.
Thank you and looking forward to a prosperous relationship with you.
Yours faithfully,
Jennifer Mason, CEO Career Perfect


Friday, July 25, 2008

10 Signs of a Full-time WAHM

  1. Your kids are always with you all workdays.
  2. You're mostly in your pajamas during office hours.
  3. Your coffee pot is always on overtime.
  4. You're face-to-face with your computer more often than your partner.
  5. All your bill payments are enrolled to online payment services.
  6. Said this --"Sshh... Mommy is working now."
  7. Brownouts give you headache.
  8. Good internet connection is a daily "must-have"
  9. You're always on lookout for a good coffee.
  10. Oops! Is that a lego under your desk?

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