Monday, January 3, 2011

A Virtual Assistant's Resolution for 2011

I'd like to start this year with resolutions aimed at organizing things from my life and business and begin anew.
  1. Remove clutter from my workspace. A clutter free workspace helps me focus better.
  2. Better time management. Alot more time to those that require more attention and whom I've given my commitment to.
  3. Nurture clients who nurtures me as a person and not just a hired VA. Some clients I've served well started  to demand more work hours but at a lesser rate and seem to forget that I have a life too other than being their VA.
  4. Write more posts for my blog. a blog post a month isn't that bad, right?
  5. Connect more in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These are the only three that I'd like to use in reaching out to entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for services that I can offer.
  6. Shrug off the bulges. Hmm... it's been so long since the last time I jogged. Recently the only exercise I can regularly do is typing exercise and it's doing nothing against my belly bulges.
  7. Learn something new. This is a constant goal.   
 I think it's time to start anew and get going now... Cheers to a more prosperous 2011!!!


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