Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Virtual Assistant's Best Friend

While you're doing your virtual projects, who's with you? Family? Friends? Me, I do have my kids around. My hubby too. But when all of them are off to school or work, what happens next? Is being a work at home Mom means being home alone all the time? Not really. I have my dog with me.

My dog's name is Bullet and he's a Bullmastiff. When he came in to my life 5 years ago, I was so happy. I fell in love with him the moment I set my eyes on him. For a puppy of that age, he's way bigger than usual dogs around. He's cuddly and sweet but not really that active. What would you expect of a Bullmastiff? He is family. He grew up with my kids. He became my son's little horse, my daughter's companion and my guard dog all day long.

Several months ago, I saw a little scar on his skin with a big lump. I figured it's a cancerous thing. He started to lose weight, I noticed a lot of hair fall that made him almost look hairless. I even noticed his eyesight seem to start vanishing. I don't have the money to take him to the vet so I nurtured him myself. With the help of online vets and Google, I did everything to cure him. I did a hot compress on the lump on morning and night time. I administer virgin coconut oil (VCO) through his dog food, applied VCO on his scar. Miraculously, he survived. The wound healed and he started eating normally again. He started responding to our playful gestures again.  He survived! I'm sure he did.

We were so happy until the other day, around 5 o'clock in the morning. I saw him in front of my door -- motionless... lifeless.  He silently passed away. Some friends say it's old age. Hey! He's only 5 years old. Cardiac arrest? Maybe... It's one of my biggest heartbreak, I can say. The most devastating part is I don't have any idea where to bury my beloved dog.

Dogs don't get meaningful burials when they die. I've witnessed a number of dog deaths in the family and I know that most of the time, their bodies are buried in the backyard. But then, I don't have a backyard now where I live. I was hoping for an urn so we can still have his company inside, but I just can't afford the pet memorial service rates. Option two -- throw him in the trash bin? Oh my God! I can't help but cry. It's so hard to lose somebody you love. But it's even harder to realize you can't do better because you don't have the money to do it.

A friend volunteered to bring him to the backyard of a funeral home nearby. It's a funeral home for humans but he said the caretaker of the lot is his friend and he can bring Bullet there. And so I agreed. we buried him there. And all I can do as a last gesture is place a little flower on his memorial ground. I know it will be my first and last time to be there. But I will forever have my Bullet's memory with me. My kid's playmate, companion, most loyal guard pet ever and a friend. I love you Bullet! May you rest in peace.

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